Sunday, June 10, 2012

The BIG Dream!

Welcome back..........its been 6 very busy months since I last blogged- I broke my promise :(
Sorry xx

Well on this wet and dreary day I have found myself thinking way too much whilst I pick and pack the large number of orders from last nights FB sale.

The thinking I do today is what I dream and think about most days when I'm laying in bed and cant sleep, driving in the car, sitting at the sewing machine but most of all when I open my email inbox!

So you ask, what do I think/dream about? well.................I think about my little handmade label and where I want to take it! 

Do I want to keep it plotting along like it is? And unfortunately be unable to meet demand and have unhappy customers, have a limited range and availability

Do I get more help in my home studio with the sewing? and not be able to utilise the work space myself when needed and increase in cost due to high labour cost

Do I outsource sewing here locally? and worry about quality and if customers will not buy as it isn't 'handmade', increased cost due to high labour cost

Do I use an aid organisation to help with production? again, quality, not made in Australia 

Do I take all production off shore and just do the design?????  again, quality, not made in Australia

Do I increase the range? and finally release the swimwear range I designed 2 years ago

Do I start (or increase) selling to boutiques? 

What markets do I do?

Do I do shopping centre Pop ups?

Gorgeous Swimwear designed in 2010

Gorgeous swimwear designed in 2010

Why do I ask myself and now you these questions? Well I LOVE my little label just how it is but the dream is big, the dream is for I'm a Princess to be a well known children's clothing label (maybe a little ambitious, but its my dream, haha)! Unfortunately I cant achieve my dream while I do the majority of sewing myself. 
One of the main reasons I started I'm a Princess was because I couldnt find pretty and afordable clothing for my little baby (now 6) and everytime I come to pricing my items I know I am under pricing for alot of it and the main reason is I dont charge for my labour, the time I spend designing, pattern making, making the garment, sourcing fabric, selling, photographing, uploading online etc. but I price it like I do to make it affordable and because I LOVE it!

The reason I have finally put all this out there for you all to read is I'm READY! Ready to grow, expand and take on the world (again maybe a little ambitious, but its my dream, haha)! 

I would LOVE your feedback and thoughts on a couple of things. 

1. Do you buy I'm a Princess because:

-It's a (mainly) Handmade Australian Label? Made by a Mum? 
-Beacuse you love the style and design and don't care where or who makes it?

2. Do you prefer to purchase:


-at markets/pop up stalls?

-boutiques or shops?

Well there it is, its of my chest! Hopefully you will all give me a little feedback so I can have something else to think about:)

Hope you all enjoyed your long weekend.


Belle x