Saturday, January 28, 2012

A lot has changed around here!

Welcome! I feel that I have neglected my little blog and this year I promised I would keep it up to date! Lets see if i can keep it up!

We certainly have had some changes around here since my last blog in October!
We have so many new and loyal fans and I feel that I have become friends with many of you, I will take this opportunity to let you know more about me and I'm a Princess!


I'm a wife to and a busy mum to Mia and Kai

(bad photo but the only one I have of all of us)

As many of you would know June last year (see previous post) saw me give away my much loved and successful career in Dental Implant Sales..................I didn't think I would be able to stay away for very long and in October last year after the company waiting very patiently for me I went to work for a competitor company (cheeky I know) part time.

close your eyes if you don't like blood:) But this is what implant dentistry is.....

A little different to the pretty floral fabric and image that comes from I'm a Princess, but I LOVE it and the Surgeons and Dentists that I visit.
It keeps me busy! and I love it. We have had to change SO many things due to I'm a Princess growing so quickly , going back to work and being so busy.

It is no longer just me, I now have my brother Mat who works for me- babysitter, housemaid, shop assistant, kids taxi, and swing dress maker extraordinaire! Mat even learnt to crochet this year, and NO he isn't gay! Just one great guy- and still single!!
When we are busy with our PoP up stalls we have the lovely Hayley that helps us out and Lou when interstate, that's when she isn't busy with her business Wigglewogs!

Here we are on our trip to Melbourne Cup- We had a PoP up Stall in Doncaster! (very convenient timing)

(Hayley, Mat, Me)
I am also very lucky that I have found some help with the sewing, I have our cousin Gayle and another stay at home mum that comes to our studio to work when I need the assistance (quite a bit lately)!
This gives me more time to design and get ready with our new ranges!
I cant wait until our winter range launches! 

I'm a Princess is my baby, I LOVE it and that is why I needed to go back to work- so I enjoyed what I did, like a hobby not a job! It allows me to be creative, I get more done when I'm busy and stressed!

This year you will see our online presence increase and popping up in locations all over!

I look forward to sharing a little bit more about me and I'm a Princess each week when I will try and remember to blog:)
Now I'm of to write my one hour presentation that I have to present on Monday at our National Sales meeting! (death by PowerPoint)!

Belle x