Thursday, May 5, 2011

Competition Time!!!

Well I think the Signature Ruffle Skirt won hands down!! 
and it is before 10pm, but now you have the choice so I thought we would get started

After a customer suggestion, you will now have the choice if you are the lucky winner.

We hope you have all read the previous blog post and also the information under each of the photos as to what you will be winning.

Now next step-

1. Under this BLOG POST please make a comment that will include your name and choice
2. On Saturday we will count the posts and generate a random number
3. The winner will be the person thats comment it is, this is a true random number so please don't be shy to be the first to comment!! Please only make ONE comment, others will not be counted.
4. If you have sent or posted a picture on our FB page your name will be added at the bottom of our list for each photo posted in order they were received.

GOOD LUCK, remember it all ends Saturday 7th May 2011 at 6pm

Belle xx

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

WOW, We are just a little excited!!

WOW! We have reached 2000+ fans on our Facebook Business page. 

We would firstly like to thank you all for joining our page and becoming our fans. We truly do appreciate all your comments and enquiries.

During 2011 many new things are planned for I'm a Princess, who knows where these plans will take us……………………..

Now to our little competition…………….

It was very hard to decide what we would do to celebrate this milestone and feel that having a competition that rewards only 1 fan didn't seem really fair………so along with the competition we will also be offering our lovely Facebook customers a 10% discount on purchases made from now until the end of MAY 2011. All you have to do is let us know that you are a Facebook liker in your email order or let one of our friendly team members know at our stalls.

Well here is how the competition will go.

Firstly I will put a vote out on Facbook to what you would like to win, the Ruffle Skirt or TeePee.
I will then post a picture of the voted upon item and all i ask is that you make a comment under the photo, this will be done on my blog as Facebook rules do not allow competitions, after the stipulated time i will then use to generate a random number, the persons that comment was in that order will be our winner, EASY! 
BUT wait there is one other way you can increase your chances to win…………send us via email (so we can post on our FB page) or post on I'm a Princess's Facebook page a photo of you or your little princess wearing something from our range, your name will then be added to my list before I generate my random number. Your name will be added at the end of the posts under the photo and the more fan photos you add the more chances!! also added in order they are received.

I hope all this make sense, If you have any questions please to not hesitate to ask this will eliminate any confusion post our competition.

 will it be the Signature Ruffle skirt?     or....................

A TeePee? widget that will be used to generate our winner.

Next steps-
1. Make sure you have read and understand everything outlined above.
2.Return to our FB page and comment or like the item you would like to have, the item with the highest  comments or likes by 10pm Thursday 5th May 2011 will be whats up for grabs.
3. Return to this blog- it will be a new post with a photo and details of the item, add a comment to the post (on blog) and that is you in the line to win;)
4. For extra chances to win email or post a photo of yourself or your princess wearing I'm a Princess or even playing in their I'm a Princess TeePee.
5. Competition closes and winner will be drawn on on Saturday 7th May at 6pm. Winner will be announced on here and on Facebook.

Good luck and we look forward to your comments and post.

Belle xx