Sunday, October 9, 2011

Who would of thought?

Well we are well and truly over 5000 Facebook fans!

I never imagined our brand I'm a Princess would of been so popular when we first started.
When I started I'm a Princess it was truly as a hobby and something as a creative outlet for me. Today we are making a mark in children's handmade clothing and accessories. Travelling around to different markets and 'pop up shops'.

We are loving what we are doing and love that we are expanding so rapidly.

Although it can be a juggling act between sewing, administration and 'the shop'.............. oh and also my little family. We think we are getting there, constantly changing and evolving into what works and most of all having beautiful patient customers who understand:)

I asked myself, how do we celebrate 5000 fans and do you celebrate?........Well of course you do!! Why wouldn't we?

We have decided to do things a little differently, not just a random draw!
Have you purchased from I'm a Princess or perhaps received it as a gift? If so you can be part of this giveaway!
All we are asking is you send us a photo of it being worn or in the case of the TeePees maybe a picture of it being played in! please note these don't need to be professional photos:)
We will have 3 categories and each catorgry will win a $60 voucher (at market stalls or online) to spend on I'm a Princess -

Baby: NB-2years

Child: 2years-6years

Princesse: 6years-adult

So where do you send your photos? You can email them to or you can simply post them onto our FB wall.
Entries will close at 3pm on Saturday 22nd of October Sydney time.
Finalists will be chosen in each category by Belle and Miss Mia and an album created on our FB page for a public vote where it will be simply the most number of likers on the photo is the winner! The album will be created on Sunday 23rd October and voting will close at 3pm Saturday 29th October Sydney time.

We look forward to seeing your photos!

Good Luck xx

Saturday, July 16, 2011


I am going to start this blog with an image that I saw on a friends Facebook page-
Jen constantly posts inspirational quotes that make me stop and think! This one is so relevant as some of you already are aware I resigned from my full time job a few weeks ago!!! This was one of the hardest decisions I have had to make. I loved my 'job' as a Dental Implant Product Specialist, I would spend my days in and out of the car and talking to lots of people! I have only been out of it for a few weeks and I am already missing it! I wonder how long I will be able to stay away?.....................................................

I guess now my 'job' is Mother/Wife/Designer/Seamstress/Sales Person/Accountant??? What do I now write when filling in the occupation section in many forms? 

It is a scary change to my life, I have LOTS of love and support from my family and friends but as the quote above says- 'I believe'! I believe that my venture and expansion of I'm a Princess will keep me out of trouble for the next little while, what do you think? 

I think like Aaron looking into the bin, the future is full of possibilities 

A big thank you to all my beautiful customers and other business's in this industry for your custom and support that made this possible.

Belle xx

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Competition Time!!!

Well I think the Signature Ruffle Skirt won hands down!! 
and it is before 10pm, but now you have the choice so I thought we would get started

After a customer suggestion, you will now have the choice if you are the lucky winner.

We hope you have all read the previous blog post and also the information under each of the photos as to what you will be winning.

Now next step-

1. Under this BLOG POST please make a comment that will include your name and choice
2. On Saturday we will count the posts and generate a random number
3. The winner will be the person thats comment it is, this is a true random number so please don't be shy to be the first to comment!! Please only make ONE comment, others will not be counted.
4. If you have sent or posted a picture on our FB page your name will be added at the bottom of our list for each photo posted in order they were received.

GOOD LUCK, remember it all ends Saturday 7th May 2011 at 6pm

Belle xx

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

WOW, We are just a little excited!!

WOW! We have reached 2000+ fans on our Facebook Business page. 

We would firstly like to thank you all for joining our page and becoming our fans. We truly do appreciate all your comments and enquiries.

During 2011 many new things are planned for I'm a Princess, who knows where these plans will take us……………………..

Now to our little competition…………….

It was very hard to decide what we would do to celebrate this milestone and feel that having a competition that rewards only 1 fan didn't seem really fair………so along with the competition we will also be offering our lovely Facebook customers a 10% discount on purchases made from now until the end of MAY 2011. All you have to do is let us know that you are a Facebook liker in your email order or let one of our friendly team members know at our stalls.

Well here is how the competition will go.

Firstly I will put a vote out on Facbook to what you would like to win, the Ruffle Skirt or TeePee.
I will then post a picture of the voted upon item and all i ask is that you make a comment under the photo, this will be done on my blog as Facebook rules do not allow competitions, after the stipulated time i will then use to generate a random number, the persons that comment was in that order will be our winner, EASY! 
BUT wait there is one other way you can increase your chances to win…………send us via email (so we can post on our FB page) or post on I'm a Princess's Facebook page a photo of you or your little princess wearing something from our range, your name will then be added to my list before I generate my random number. Your name will be added at the end of the posts under the photo and the more fan photos you add the more chances!! also added in order they are received.

I hope all this make sense, If you have any questions please to not hesitate to ask this will eliminate any confusion post our competition.

 will it be the Signature Ruffle skirt?     or....................

A TeePee? widget that will be used to generate our winner.

Next steps-
1. Make sure you have read and understand everything outlined above.
2.Return to our FB page and comment or like the item you would like to have, the item with the highest  comments or likes by 10pm Thursday 5th May 2011 will be whats up for grabs.
3. Return to this blog- it will be a new post with a photo and details of the item, add a comment to the post (on blog) and that is you in the line to win;)
4. For extra chances to win email or post a photo of yourself or your princess wearing I'm a Princess or even playing in their I'm a Princess TeePee.
5. Competition closes and winner will be drawn on on Saturday 7th May at 6pm. Winner will be announced on here and on Facebook.

Good luck and we look forward to your comments and post.

Belle xx

Monday, January 31, 2011

Busy, busy bee............

Wow!! I just cant believe how fast this year is going!
Do you all agree?

I'm a Princess headquarters aka "the dungeon" has never been so busy. I have had to tidy up the dungeon tonight as I couldn't see the floor through all the lace, doilies and ribbon. I didn't get it finished as I decided to fully rearrange the furniture!! My brother has offered to finish it while i'm at work tomorrow.
No you all cant have him;)

We will be involved with so many great markets for 2011-
Young Australian Designers Market
Poppyseed Market
Mathilda's Market
Billycart Markets
Redhill, Mornington and Flemington Markets in Melbourne
and Gerringong Markets.

I'm a Princess now has a growing team of helpers! The help I get from my family and friends is wonderful and without them I'm a Princess wouldn't be possible, so a BIG thank you to all of you!
My brother Mat can now sew an entire dress, even the hem;) I am so proud of him!

We have a week off markets and then we will be back at Miranda with the Young Australian Designers for another week of trading.

our display at Miranda. I was very happy with how it all turned out, we only found out that we were going to do this market early the week before it was on and had to design the stand.
Many thanks to my in laws for the day i will own the wardrobe below but cant imagine how I would transport something like this for my stall;)

I am looking forward to launching my website very soon. You will be able to shop online. YAY!

This Princess is now off to bed, good night all,
Belle xx

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Back to blogging with how I mange it all!!

Well it has been a very long time since my last post and I am hoping that I will be able to maintain a regular post for you all.
I love to spend time myself reading other blog's and feel very limited with what you can write in your status on FB.

It has been a very busy start to 2011 for me, Mum of 2 children, working a full time job and running my own business.
I am often asked how do I manage to work full time and run a successful business so I have decided that I will let you all know how I try and do it in this post:)

I must say that I am a very lucky girl. I have a husband who does so much around the house including all the washing and cleaning. My parents live next door and our in-laws aren't to far away so you can imagine we get a lot of support from them.
We are looking at employing our 4th Au Pair as our children's Nanny left us just over a week ago. I don't like my children to be in full time childcare so find this the best option.

I have a passion for my day job, an Implant Product Specialist for an Australian Dental Company. Yes thats right I actually enjoy dentistry, I don't think many people would say that!! This job see's me visiting many clinicians all over Australia, I'm even off to NZ in February to visit some clinicians over there.
I'm a Princess business is normally done when the children are in bed. Late nights sewing is the norm and would normally wrap up at around 1pm. Again I get a lot of support here with my 2 best friends helping me out and another girlfriend in Melbourne who does a wonderful job! I even get my younger brother behind the sewing machine and cutting out patterns for me!!

2011 will be a busy year for I'm a Princess. We have just become part of the Young Australian Designers Market that will see us set up in Sydney's Paddington every 2nd and 3rd Saturday, Poppyseed markets at various locations and dates throughout the year and some Mathilda's Markets in Canberra, Adelaide and Sydney.

Hopefully we will launch our website shortly, a lot of work goes into the design and set up, I didn't realise the extent and work load for what is needed. I am lucky as my older brother is a computer whiz and has taken on this task, even though he is on the other side of the world in the US.

I think that is enough for now:) I have given you my life run down and hopefully not bored you to tears!

I will leave you with this gorgeous photo of my children, my inspiration.

Belle xx